Professional Development TEST_PD WA_ACTE


Loved the fast pace, engaging and motivating!”

Victoria Leifer
Dean of Students at Dishman Hills High School/West Valley SD #363


So much great information. What a fantastic motivation!”

Don Ide
Marketing Essentials Instructor at Lynnwood High School


One of the best keynoters I’ve heard. Enthusiasm abounds!”

Midge Yergen
Science Educator at West Valley Jr High


Loved his description of the Y generation, helps me understand my students better.”

Jamie Hanson
CTE Director/AG Teacher at Mt. Adams School District


Great, incredible, and thought provoking.”

Jay Leviton
Executive Director at Renton School District


Mark did an exceptional job of connecting the disparate parts of education philosophy into a coherent cause for CTE’s role into it.”

William Lewis
Teacher at Cedar Heights Junior High School


Mark’s presentation was a good reminder that we need to constantly adjust our lessons for our ever-changing/evolving students. The delivery of the lesson looks completely different from Gen X to Gen Y.”

Kelli Demarest
CTE Bus & Tech Teacher at Deer Park High School


The Career Tree is phenomenal! I can’t wait to implement it.”

Angela Kudsk
Business Ed Teacher at Othello High School


Refreshing, motivating — a must-see for CTE!”

Duanne Barnhart
CTE Teacher at Central Valley High School



Robin Barnart
Teacher/DECA Advisor at Central Valley High School


Mark is definitely passionate about CTE and how to interact positively with our students! He wants us to be successful in keeping students’ interest in CTE and future careers. I truly enjoyed, and more importantly, learned from Mark. Thank you!”

Christy Wood
CTE Teacher at East Valley School District #90


Career Tree was an awesome visual connector between CTE and life. Dynamic, informative, well thought-out! Awesome kickoff!”

Jud Kelly
AFJROTC Instructor at Bethel High School


Mr. Perna was fantastic! Thank you for your commitment to CTE and for sharing your passion with us!”

Lisa Pilkinton
Teacher at Selah High School


Education with purpose is an eye-opener. Will use this quote to start all my classes this year.”

Gabriel Stotz
Eisenhower High School/Yakima SD


Thank you for your passion for our profession.”

Trudy Swain
Teacher at Northshore School District



Kerri Ferate
Central Kitsap High School


Great info on characteristics of Gen Y. Career Tree concept is excellent.”

Gerry Ringwood
CTE Director at Educational Service District 123


Very motivating!”

Naomi Devers
FCS Teacher at Kennewick School District


Loved the Career Tree! Light at the end of the tunnel and encouragement was awesome.”

Shawn Hayden
Eagle High School


I always appreciate useful, relevant information/data to use with students and parents. The Career Trees are very intriguing. Love that the millennials weren’t denigrated. It was a great, realistic assessment of them.”

Jennifer Mclellan
Mercer Island School District


I learned a few critical concepts to improve my classroom practice, especially career and lifestyle.”

Andrew Eads
Pasco School District


Thank you for talking about “Career Ready”. If we can show that we value our students and that our program has value for them, then we will produce a valuable person.”

Nick Paulakis
Automotive Instructor at Sunnyside High School


I’ve heard the generational material before, but Mark added the practical aspect of this information.”

Terri Pixlee
Columbia Basin Technical Skills Center


It was a great visual to see the millennial generation broken down and described. Mark nailed it.”

Glenn Arland
Creston School District


I have heard the presentation before but it was still new and engaging. I plan to use the Career Tree materials for our CTE programs.”

Royce Bradley
CTE Director at Federal Way Public School


Great speaker, topic, message, passion/love of message by Mr. Perna!”

Steve Barthlow
Blaine High School


Motivational, informative, and relevant.”

Richie Del Puerto
Automotive Instructor at Sno Isle Tech Skills Center


I got several ideas on how to motivate my electronics students and make my course relevant to their future goals.”

Gregory Burkhart
Science Dept. Program Leader at Timberline High School


Made me feel like what I do all year is valuable. Kids are so worth it. They are our future.”

Nora Zollweg
West Sound Tech Skills Center


Thank you! I am so thankful for people who support CTE.”

Kathleen Brom
CTE Teacher at Wapato High School


Very positive message and outlook! I feel like I can make a difference with my students. Great presentation. A great balance of information, personal application, with a twist of humor…well done!”

Charmaine Mendenhall
FCS Teacher


As a millennial, I found Mr. Perna very accurate and I reflected on my own life, goals and present endeavors.”

Jen Oney
2015 WA ACTE Attendee


I have new ways to work on the student-driven piece, thank you!”

Joni Brand
Lake WA School District


Like suggestions about working with the millennials, loved the Tree!”

Erin Ruehl
Marketing Instructor/DECA Advisor at Spokane Public Schools/Shadle Park High School


Mark is easy to listen to — very engaging, entertaining and informative.”

Lisha Johnson
Teacher at Highline High School


Reinforces many of my beliefs. Refreshing to hear someone tell it like it should be.”

Dennis Wallace
Program Supervisor at Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction


As teachers we have the power and the duty to help students see the dots they want to connect and help them find the passion to connect them. Thank you! As a first-year teacher, I needed to hear that following my passion to start my second career at 40’ish was the right thing to do. Your motivational talk inspires me to do it well!”

Lynann DeJarnett
FACSE at Eastmont School District


I love the concept/reminder of relating actions that could be disciplinary to soft job skills instead.”

Emily Slack
Math/CTE Teacher at Shoreline Schools