Enrollment & Retention Strategic PlanningTEST_ERSP Warren CCC


We have been proud to partner with TFS for over five years! With each passing year, we see more and more direct benefit for our organization and for our students. We have a dedicated internal team that consists of both academic and career-technical instructors, as well as a counselor, career-development coordinator, public relations specialist, and secretarial and administrative staff who all work together with Mark, Matt and the rest of the TFS team to improve our enrollment and retention processes.

TFS understands career-technical education and the tight funding balance ALL public institutions must work within—and they help us to be creative with ALL of our connections with both current and future students! We have implemented some AWESOME events that do not cost a fortune to execute—such as 8th Grade Expo, Sophomore Showcase, Fun Day, Junior First Day, Student Appreciation Day, and Meet and Greet Dinner, just to name a few. The purpose of all of those events (and more) is to get the “right student in the right program for the right reason.” Then once they become students at Warren County Career Center, our focus is to help them all see and work toward the “light at the end of the tunnel”—the connection between their daily attendance, effort and technical growth AND their future careers!”

Kim Gambill
Director of Student Development at Warren County Career Center