Professional Development TEST_PD Weber


Loved the Career Tree part of Mark’s presentation, he really gets it! It becomes a living visual reference to help keep kids focused and on track and in the program.”

Mike Foley
Teacher at Orion Jr. High


I received some great ideas to take back to the classroom.”

Mel Ralph
Industrial Design/Jewelry at Fremont High School


Wow, blew my mind! Opened my eyes to who I was actually teaching.”

Stephanie Bradford
Teacher at Weber School District


Love the Career Tree — I’m going to use it with my Sophomore orientation.”

Jen Paige
Counselor at Weber High School


This was a great and informative presentation that would be beneficial for any 7–12 grade and beyond education. The information was informative and helped me personally with understanding my 10-12 grade students.”

Michael Bowen
Teacher at Fremont High School


Mark is very dynamic and engaging and makes learning fun!”

Ray Long
CTE Director at Weber School District


This is a confirmation of what I have learned in my classroom.”

Thomas Paskett
Teacher at Fremont High School


This gave me more insight on the millennial generation and strategies on how to engage them.”

Fred Smith
Weber School District


Loved the Career Tree idea!”

Andrea Cluff
Fremont High School


Very interesting speaker, I really enjoyed it.”

Tori Pollard
Fremont High School


The Career Tree is a great illustration of how to show our students the relevance of what we teach.”

Cynthia Auble
Business Ed Teacher at South Ogden Jr. High


I wish I had a video of this presentation so I could watch it again!”

Alan Carlson
Woodshop/Drafting Teacher at Weber High School


Great insight into our students and how to reach them!”

Amanda Dahl
North Ogden Jr. High


Loved everything about it!”

Calene Lucero
CTE Coordinator at Weber School District


Great motivation and ideas to start out the new year!”

Mundi Silva
Roy High School


This was excellent! CTE is the link between the Y gen, the technology and the adult workforce. We must enable the entitled to be able to use the skills with passion, to become self-reliant.”

Quincey Pearce
Medical Forensics Instructor at Weber High School


Love the respect concept and letting students know that college isn’t the only way to a career.”

Jamie James
Weber High School


Thank you, you gave me some great ideas to use in my classroom.”

Sheree Bjerregaard
CAN Instructor at Weber School District


I love the idea of Education with Purpose; it makes so much sense.”

Cindy Lederhos Rich
Weber School District