Enrollment & Retention Strategic Planning

TEST_ERSP Wes Watkins


Wes Watkins Technology Center began working with Mark Perna and TFS to develop and implement a comprehensive Strategic Enrollment & Retention Development Plan using the TFS process. In the short amount of time Mr. Perna has worked with WWTC staff, we’ve seen amazing results. The team-oriented planning process, facilitated by Mr. Perna, rallied our staff around a united goal to enroll and retain more of the right students in the right programs for the right reasons. As a result, student-teacher engagement in the classroom has grown, student absenteeism has been reduced, discipline referrals have dramatically been decreased, and student retention has increased.

Our staff is excited by the change in our career counseling and student recruitment strategies. Recruiting and retaining the right students into the right programs for the right reasons is paying off. Additionally, the Strategic Enrollment & Retention Development Plan is building stronger relationships with our partners to support career goals of students throughout their career development process.”

Wade Walling
Superintendent at Wes Watkins Technology Center