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Experience Mark Perna’s Career Tree®—the classroom tool and community narrative that is empowering students everywhere.

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Give your audience an unforgettable keynote with Mark Perna—and the strategies to make a bigger difference.

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Enjoy the home field advantage of Enrolltrack®— your cloud-based solution to streamlined enrollment, tracking & decision-making.

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Unleashing Passion, Purpose, and Performance

The world is changing faster than ever—and so are the younger generations. Educators, employers, parents, and community leaders nationwide rely on our expertise to understand, motivate, and empower the young people they interact with every day.

We deliver not just the right tools, but also the right narrative and strategies to get your stakeholders pulling together for real change. Our game-changing keynotes, innovative solutions, and expert marketing will equip your staff to make a powerful difference in your community. If you’re ready to open new doors, forge deeper human connections, increase team morale, and drive significant and long-lasting results, let’s talk.

It all starts with one core truth: Today’s young people are capable of tremendous passion, purpose, and performance. And all we have to do is unleash it.

Today’s younger generations are capable of tremendous passion, purpose, and performance. As parents, educators, employers, and community leaders, we have one job: UNLEASH IT.
Mark C. Perna
Speaker, Author, and CEO at TFS Results

Transforming Education, Employment & Economic Development

It’s never been more vital to engage young people with a vision that matters to them. To accomplish this, educational organizations and businesses must come together like never before—motivating the younger generations to pursue the careers of the future.

Across North America, countless leaders in education and workforce development are implementing our message to attract, retain, and empower this talented generation. Discover why our approach is different from anything else out there—and how you can start taking the proven steps to transform education, employment, and economic development in your community.

Education with Purpose & Employment with Passion

Mark Perna’s Education with Purpose & Employment with Passion movement is all about helping young people develop the personal competitive advantage to thrive in a rapidly changing world. Unify and empower your organization and stakeholders to deliver this advantage through our invigorating Call to Action experience.

In this two-hour, nationally available event, Mark will ignite your community to rethink education and employment at all levels. This is a message for everyone who cares about young people and the future of our local and regional economy. It’s time to shift the paradigm in education, workforce, and economic development—and equip young people to thrive with purpose and passion.

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