Career Tree®

Career Tree®

Master the Career Conversation… And Open a World of Opportunities!

What is the Career Tree?

If I’m a student or parent, why does the Career Tree matter to me?

Career TreeThe TFS Career Tree is changing the game for educators around the country — and your organization can be next! As part of the TFS Education with Purpose® philosophy, this groundbreaking strategy and classroom tool will spark student dialogue about what’s possible in their careers and how to get there. The Career Tree empowers middle schools, high schools, CTE organizations, and community and technical colleges to connect students with their goals through ongoing conversation, research, career exploration, and in-class collaboration.

The self-discovery, marketable skills, and cognitive rigor of technical programs give students a significant competitive advantage in today’s new economy — and the Career Tree helps us tell that story. Now, we can change the narrative to show students, parents, legislators, and stakeholders how career-focused education expands rather than limits students’ opportunities, whether they’re headed to college or right into their career. Through the Career Tree, students can explore and set goals, see the relevance of their academic efforts, and invest wisely and purposefully in further education.

The Career Tree is a fresh and dynamic tool to fill your organization with more of the right students, in the right programs, for the right reasons — reigniting the way we communicate, reshaping perceptions, and making a positive difference nationwide.

The Career Tree products and services customized and fully branded for your organization include:

  • Initial Development
  • Curriculum Guide
  • Staff & Student Online Resource Portals (Coming Soon!)
  • Interactive Program Wall Graphics
  • Career Leaves
  • Alumni Leaves
  • Banners
  • Classroom Worksheets
  • Professional Development
  • Implementation Support
  • And more!

Experience the power of the Career Tree in your organization! Call us at 330.840.2680 or visit our contact page to get started.

The Education with Purpose® Career Tree® name, image, philosophy, and strategies are copyrights of Mark C. Perna and TFS. Any use of this intellectual property, in whole or in part, without permission is strictly prohibited by law. Copyright ©Mark C. Perna and TFS. All rights reserved.

If you’re already a Career Tree client, you can log in to your Career Tree Resource Portal to build your unique Tree, download worksheets, view the latest Curriculum Guide, get installation tips for your Interactive Program Wall Graphic, check out the latest best practices, and much more. Log in today and start using your Career Tree to the fullest!

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