Supercharge Your PD

What if your PD could go beyond the same old routine—and deliver something dynamic, inspiring, and actionable for every person in attendance?

For almost 30 years, bestselling author and acclaimed generational expert Mark C. Perna has been riveting audiences of all sizes, from small teams to massive conferences and everything in between. Mark understands how the world has changed, both generationally and in education and workforce development. His candid, positive take on where we’re at and where we need to go has inspired thousands of educators, employers, and communities across North America.

Now, you can bring that inspiration home.

During Mark Perna’s deep-dive PD, our teachers felt heard, seen, and validated! Our 5-hour session flew by and culminated in a standing ovation to mark our gratitude for the common ground Mr. Perna helped us find.
Dr. Keith Hilts
Superintendent at Wausau School District
A must hear and a blueprint for encouraging the next generation.
LeRon Wilson
Executive Director, Hiram Clarke/Fort Bend Redevelopment Authority
Our K-12 school district staff and community were captivated and inspired by Mark’s dynamic presentation. It was a powerful and compelling message that resonated throughout our entire organization and inspired us to take decisive action.
Tod Kline
Superintendent at Waynesboro Area School District
An authentic connection between today’s education system and what the world really needs.
Josh Morgan
Principal, Chariton Community Schools

More Than a Keynote

Too often, PD is offered as an isolated, one-off topic by a speaker who shows up once and is never seen again. As a trusted advisor in your ongoing transformation, Mark delivers a completely different approach. Here’s what makes Mark unique:


Mark doesn’t just deliver timely and valuable information in an engaging style; he’s committed to helping your organization implement the knowledge gained. And this starts immediately after the speech with a live, unrehearsed Q&A and open dialogue session. Audience members are invited to share their thoughts, pepper Mark with questions, and get his perspective on specific issues—all in real time. These sessions have become a highly requested feature, as audience members love the opportunity to interact directly with Mark from the stage.


Sometimes your organization needs to reset with something deeper than a two-hour keynote. Mark’s power-packed, full-day experiences will immerse your team in a fresh mindset to energize their everyday work. It’s like taking your entire staff to a conference—but at a fraction of the cost and with direct access, all day, to the keynote speaker. Unity, momentum, and excitement are just a few of the words that event organizers share with us after Mark has spent a full day with their organization.


To effect real change across your community, you need all stakeholders—teachers, support staff, administrators, board members, parents, students and trainees, business and community leaders, and industry partners—to experience the same message. Mark specializes in connecting the dots for everyone, often delivering multiple speeches at the same event tailored to diverse audiences. Across education, employment, and economic development, your stakeholders will experience Mark’s unifying message—creating common ground, a shared vision, and forward momentum.

Before, During & After Your Event

When you work with Mark, he isn’t just your speaker. He’s your partner in engineering a remarkable outcome for your attendees. Before, during, and after your event, Mark and his team will proactively craft a customized and unforgettable experience for your organization.


Mark will connect with you for a detailed prep call to design a powerful speech with the topics, strategies, and tools most vital to your organization. He will then arrive with a full understanding of where your organization currently sits on the path to change—and where you want to go.

Additionally, Mark’s team will provide complimentary marketing support for your event, including electronic flyers, social media graphics, and a brief promotional video.


Mark’s ability to connect with an audience is the secret to gaining their full attention and engagement for the entire session. During his presentation, Mark will deliver practical strategies and data-driven insights that will activate the enthusiasm of your audience.


Mark offers several free resources to his audiences, including a PDF of the PowerPoint deck used in the presentation. Attendees are encouraged to share their feedback via an online survey. If desired, Mark will hold a book signing/meet and greet with audience members immediately following the presentation. Additionally, Mark’s robust social media presence and free e-newsletter allow audiences to stay in touch with his latest insights and tools.

Read what event organizers around the country are saying about Mark!

This is what parents and educators need to hear and be talking about.
Nick Polyak
Superintendent, Leyden Community High School District #212
This was the best beginning of the year presentation I have seen in my 22 years in the schools!
Tracy Bartlett
Speech/Language Pathologist at Waynesboro Area School District
Uplifting, energetic, and a thought-provoking presentation of where we need to go in education.
Rob Underwood
Superintendent at Indian Lake Schools
Fast-paced with common sense approaches to changing dynamics in the USA!
Mark Litten
VP - Economic Development, Putnam County Chamber of Commerce

Customizable Topics:

AUDIENCE: Parents, educators, employers, community leaders, economic developers

AUDIENCE: Employers, community leaders, community stakeholders

AUDIENCE: Middle school, high school, and college students

AUDIENCE: Leaders in education, employment & the community, state and region

AUDIENCE: Leaders in education, employment & the community, state and region

AUDIENCE: All (parents, students, educators, employers, community leaders, economic developers)

Coaching & Consulting Leadership Track

In addition to full-staff presentations, Mark also offers a leadership track for those who set the tone for your organizational culture. Coached directly by Mark over the course of several days, your leadership team can absorb all the knowledge and tools needed in an immersive and dynamic environment.

Your leaders will discover how to:

  • Tap into the extraordinary potential of Gen Z
  • Build a dynamic narrative around the power of a personal competitive advantage
  • Instill a class, program, and pathway completion mindset in
    all students
  • Craft a powerful Professional Skills Rubric strategy designed for Gen Z
  • Use proven methods to build meaningful community partnerships and momentum
  • And much more!

Connect with Mark today to discuss a coaching & consulting plan customized for maximum impact in your organization!

Energetic. Affirming. Positive. Attainable.
Will Seward
Assistant Principal, Buckeye Union High School
Amazing! Relevant! Needed for every professional in education!!
Mary Ann Chapman
Principal at Andrew K. Demoski School
Great information and advice for anyone in education or workforce development. An engaging and informative session that is relevant to serving the generations of today.
Lori Ragland
Executive Vice President at Rend Lake College
It was wonderful—engaging and thought provoking.
Dave Ersig
Associate Principal at Utica Community Schools

Resources for Event Organizers

Once you’ve booked Mark, we’ll be in touch to create your complimentary promotional flyer, social media graphics, and promo video. Below you’ll find everything else you need to promote your upcoming event and the powerful message that Mark will deliver—including Mark’s biography, photography, videos, testimonials, virtual and in-person event best practices, and more.




With humor and passion, Mark lights up the room with a fresh perspective on today’s most pressing education, workforce, and generational issues. It’s a message that is relevant to everyone—and it’s something everyone will want to hear.

Bring It Home

It’s time to connect the dots between education, employment, and economic development. Request Mark’s availability to engineer a transformative PD moment for your organization and community!

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