Mark C. Perna: Speaker, Author & CEO

Almost 30 years ago, Mark C. Perna founded TFS Results to effect a national paradigm shift in education and workforce development. As a noted generational and performance expert, Mark has spoken at Harvard University and today delivers 80+ in-person and virtual keynotes annually across North America. He writes weekly for, where he reaches an audience of more than 4 million, and his Perna Syndicate micropodcast has listeners in more than 70 countries.

Mark, who serves on the Advisory Council for the Coalition for Career Development in Washington, DC, founded the Education with Purpose & Employment with Passion movement to help communities connect education, business, and economic pipelines. His bestselling book, Answering Why, has won eight national awards, including the Nautilus Award which is given to books thought to make a positive difference in the world. Discover more about Mark’s mission at

Meet the Team

Industry experts, dynamic motivators, creative thinkers, and innovative problem-solvers: we are TFS Results. Each member of our team brings something unique to our comprehensive recruitment, retention, and professional development solutions. We’re proud to share and support your passion for making a difference for your students, organziation, and community.

At TFS Results, our team is your team.

Kristy Warrell

Manager of Operations and Client Services Team Member since 2005

Christine Feigl

Senior Account
Coordinator Team Member since 2005


Manager Team Member since 2009


Strategist Team Member since 2009


Art Director Team Member since 2012


Client Development
Coordinator Team Member since 2018

daveeed wagner

CMO Team Member since 2018

shannon fisher

Educational Consultant Team Member since 2020

rico molden

Videographer Team Member since 2023

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