EnrollTrackTEST_EnrollTrack Warren CCC


I have been very happy with the entire process from brainstorming, creating, problem-solving, completing, implementing and reviewing—Matt from EnrollTrack has been right there with us, every step of the way! Since we are a career-technical center, this was not simply an internal process that we just decided to put on the web; instead, we had to ensure that our associate schools’ needs were also being met as we worked together streamline our enrollment process and simplify the sharing of student information. Matt made this process incredibly smooth from start to finish for our entire school community!”

Kim Gambill
Director of Student Development at Warren County Career Center


From my perspective as a public information specialist, the online enrollment developed for us by Tools for Schools was a wise investment. Career Technical Centers should be using the latest technology and connecting with potential students and their parents in a variety of media. Making the enrollment process easier while also making it a useful tool for our counselors and our associate school counselors gives us an advantage and also reflects on us in a positive light. The link was easy to put on our website and contained no glitches or unpleasant “surprises.” Everything seemed to work just fine and our enrollment increased this school year. When we began the implementation, we thought that maybe a third to a half of the students would go online, but from my understanding it was much more than that. We had computers ready at our December sophomore open house and students and parents were coming in to apply that night.”

Peg Allen
Public Information Specialist at Warren County Career Center