PR graphics_Career Tree

CLEVELAND, OHIO, June 5, 2015 — Tools for Schools™ (TFS) announced the TFS Career Tree™, a new philosophy, strategy, and classroom tool to show the value of career and technical education (CTE) and create an ongoing dialogue with students about what’s possible and how to get there. This tool, which joins the company’s expansive portfolio of products and services geared toward the education market, is designed for use with various audiences such as students, parents, legislators, and stakeholders to demonstrate how CTE expands rather than limits students’ opportunities.

Company founder Mark C. Perna says, “The Career Tree is going to demolish the stigmas that have kept CTE back for far too long. People still think CTE isn’t a collegebound track, or that it’s only for those students. The Career Tree explodes those misconceptions by showing the true possibilities that CTE opens up for every student. Now, educators have a fresh new tool to generate an ongoing dialogue with students and get them excited about their college/career choices. This is going to change the game for CTE nationally.”

Using a tree graphic with a root system, trunk, and various branch levels, the Career Tree visually illustrates Education with Purpose™, the opportunities and competitive advantage that CTE brings to students, communities, and the workforce. The TFS Career Tree and classroom tools include an intellectual property use license, wall graphics, repositionable leaf stickers, banners, and program and student worksheets. Professional development, consulting services, and ongoing best practices will also be delivered as part of the service.

TFS, whose mission is to share and support its clients’ desire to make a difference, was founded over fifteen years ago by national education expert Mark C. Perna. As a full-service strategic marketing and consulting firm, TFS is passionate in its complete dedication to workforce development and education marketing. The company serves schools, colleges, and statewide organizations of all sizes across the country by helping them increase their enrollment, retention, graduation, and performance rates with the Generations Y and Z.

Education with Purpose™ and the Career Tree™ name, image, philosophy, and strategies are copyrights of Mark C. Perna and TFS. All rights reserved. Any use of this intellectual property, whole or in part, without permission is strictly prohibited.