Professional Development


Life changing! I leave with a new paradigm for engaging students plus strategies for connecting with them on the first day. Mahalo for making a difference in the lives of teachers and their students.”

Derek Otsuji
Assistant Professor at Honolulu CC

This should be a mandatory learning/presentation for educators.”

Nathan Aiwohi
Secondary School Renewal Specialist at Department of Education

Thank you for finding the words to help me share my thoughts with others who I need to work with to make the impact we need to help our students find their purpose.”

Dawn Fraser
Counselor at Kailua High School

Very motivational, as a high school principal I’ve been talking about how we have alienated an entire group by telling them that to amount to anything they must go to college. I share your passion. I’m excited to read your books and articles.”

Amy Strand
Principal at King Kekaulike High School

I really enjoyed Mark’s humor, truth and honesty in his stories. I like how the information shared was relevant and can be used at our school and with our staff.”

Suzanne Cummings
Curriculum Coordinator at Kailua High School

Life changing after being in guidance counseling for 17 years. I’m going to change the way I guide and interact with kids.”

Samantha Silva
Counselor at Kailua High School

Thank you for your inspiring message!”

Arlene Fujioka
Counselor at Honokaa High & Intermediate

Loved the Career Tree and concepts attached to it to create relevance, meaning and purpose for kids, focusing on lifestyle and for now choices. As a leader of Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers, this presentation has also prompted me to think about shifts in my own mindset to lead leaders and educators in this important work.”

Janette Snelling
Complex Area Superintendent at Hawaii Dept of Education – West HI Complex Area

I was empowered to revisit my own purpose and my why through this presentation. Mark gave a good word, very powerful. Thank you!”

Precious Atendido
Program Advisor at TRIO Educational Opportunity Center

Wow, I wish the entire parenting population could hear this speech.”

Michelle Lawson
Personnel Management Specialist at Department of Education

I’m in HR and we have departments without morale. Many of the ideas presented will assist me in helping/guiding our employers to success.”

Barbara Ornellas
Assistant HR Director at University of Hawaii Maui College

Mark is an amazing speaker! I love his analogies which make the lessons stick in your head. The analogies are creative, easy to visualize the concepts and serve as a useful device. Mahalo!”

Erica Dias
Librarian at Kapiolani CC

Totally relevant!”

Karyn Tada
Teacher at Hilo High School

I really enjoyed the stories and anecdotes used to illustrate his points.”

Judy Kulolia
Instructor at Kapaa High School

Please keep doing this. I would like the Hawaii Dept of Ed to adopt Career Trees in all classes, core, CTE and arts.”

Nathan Pallett
Instructor at Lahainaluna High School

Very realistic, related a familiar situation of life itself. Enjoyable and non-demanding.”

Kawelii Nguyen
Early College Facility for HCC at University of Hawaii CC

A lot of great tools.”

Kaimana Barcarse
Regional Director at Kamehameha Schools West HI Region

Loved the Career Trees!”

Carrie Kuweda
Phipps Educational Specialist at University Center West Hawaii

Great storyteller. Sharing stories are always the best way to relate and resonate with people.”

Jessica Chillingworth
Student at Leeward Community College

Excited to put into practice what we learned. Not rocket science but important to make the connections. Thank you.”

Sandra Goodale
WIOA Specialist at County of Hawaii

Love the idea of shifting the thinking of the adults!”

Jamie Yap
Principal at Maui High School

The experience level of the audience is so varied, but your message is spot on for all.”

Leila Kuboyama
CTE Resource Teacher at DOE Kauai Complex Area

Wish all our teachers had an opportunity to hear you — quite a few would benefit by learning how to connect with their students by shifting values to lifestyle focus instead of career first.”

Victoria Pescaia
CTE Department Head at Waialua High and Intermediate School

Mahalo for giving 110% in your keynote!”

Sharyl Lynn Fujii
Complex Area Teacher at Leeward District

We want to take action and elevate our efforts for students to own that competitive advantage.”

Evangeline Casinas
Hawaii Department of Education

Mahalo. Thank you for your passion and work in this area.”

James Rippard
Principal at Kalaheo High School

I wish this presentation could be given to all teachers at our school.”

Robyn Faumuina
Registrar at Nanakuli High School

Provided me with the words and phrases that match my beliefs.”

Amy Stafford
Principal at Kohala High School

I want to put up Career Trees around campus to show students different options that they have!”

Elena Kealoha
CTE Teacher at Kauai High School

Issues we are dealing with today in education, very relevant.”

Leon Florendo
Counselor at Leeward CC

Thank you for your energy and sharing your motivational stories and strategies to help our students.”

Monica Yasuda
Academics Director at Nanakuli High School

Please visit our district and speak to our principals and staff!”

Brittney Driggs
HS Curriculum Coordinator at Waialua High and Intermediate School

Very inspiring and relevant.”

Kaui Nakamoto
Assistant Principal at Kapolei High School

Very relevant topic and useful information.”

Ron Okamura
Principal at McKinley High School

Starting with lifestyle, this changes everything!”

Chelsea Louise Campbell Yamashiro
House Manager at Leeward Theater at Leeward College

Words of wisdom for students to be successful. I can’t wait to share these quotes with my students.”

Kenoalani Dela Cruz
Counselor at Hawaii CC

I enjoyed the story about Megan the welder. Giving fanfare to all positive options really stuck with me after Mark’s presentation.”

Deacon Hanson
Professor at Windward CC

Various reasons in personal and professional life had me not excited to be at a conference today but my view immediately changed and I was excited once Mark started speaking. He is very motivating and knowledgeable and turned my frown upside down.”

Lorinda Kottke
Instructor at University of Hawaii Maui College

Mark is energetic and incredibly informative. He makes us think outside our box to help our drive toward their success.”

Cheryl Shglmeier
Training Coordinator at Kauai CC

Very engaging and not a dull moment. He makes teaching interesting.”

Shepherd Maingano
Program Director at Kapiolani CC

I need to be flexible and learn from our young generations.”

Monika Jost
Instructor at University of Hawaii Maui College

I really enjoyed his presentation.”

David Dods
Academic Support Coordinator at Honolulu CC

Excellent keynote! Inspirational! I can use the information in my classroom and my home. I have both gen Y&Z children.”

Lynn Hamada
Program Director/Medical Assisting at Kapiolani Community College

I wasn’t sure what to expect from your talk, but found it highly applicable to students and people I know who could benefit. Mahalo!”

Allyson Ota
Instructor/Electronic Resources Librarian at Kapiolani CC

Suggestions for first day of class were really helpful. Mark is motivational but also gave practical and actionable advice that is ready to be implemented in the classroom.”

Maricar Apuya
Instructor at Leeward Community College

Run for office, Mark Perna!”

Alysa Tomasa
Director, TRIO Upward Bound at Windward Community College

I’ve heard Mark before but enjoyed his presentation and continue to learn from him.”

Diane Caulfield
Professor Cooperative Education at Honolulu CC

This is a game changer. It is important that we collectively support the students.”

Rachel Solemsaas
Chancellor at Hawaii CC

This is very helpful for how to serve upcoming students better.”

Joshua McDaniel
Instructor at Hawaii CC

The Career Tree would be great to incorporate at our campus. I love the idea of capitalizing on growth mindset in the classroom from day 1. Very engaging presentation! Thank you so much.”

Sheryl Fuchino-Nichida
Professor/Counselor at Kapiolani CC

Both keynote and deep dive were outstanding!”

Ron Umehira
Dean of CTE at Leeward Community College