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Professional Development

Inspire your organization to make a bigger difference.

To be truly effective, an organization must actively foster a culture of continuous learning. Ongoing professional development is a vital part of this culture, but it’s not all created equal. Poor, unengaging professional development will stunt your organization’s growth—but truly valuable, actionable, and inspiring content will motivate your staff to deliver their best effort, every day.

The best professionals are those who are always seeking out new best practices, insights, and strategies to grow in their roles. And the best organizations are those that support that growth through the delivery of intensive, collaborative, and insightful professional development.

What is the TFS Results Advantage?

Motivate, equip, and ignite your team with a dynamic professional development experience with TFS Results.

Mark Perna speaking to a crowd

Virtual and Live Keynotes

International speaker, bestselling author, and TFS Results CEO Mark C. Perna addresses thousands of teachers, staff, board members, parents, students and trainees, business and community stakeholders, and industry partners weekly across North America. Now, he’ll inspire your organization to unleash the incredible potential of the younger generations like never before. It’s time to shift the paradigm.

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Mark C Perna presenting

Workshops & Deep Dive Webinars

For organizations that want to take their professional development to the next level, our intensive Workshops and Deep Dive Webinars will not only inspire, but also impel you to action. Mark understands the world that educators and employers live in, and his innovative solutions have transformed countless organizations. It’s time to create your own strategic plan—and go deeper.

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