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Bring everyone together around a shared vision.

Immerse your team in a transformative full-day experience with education expert Mark C. Perna! So much more than a traditional “sit and get,” these interactive sessions will fire up your staff and bring fresh enthusiasm to the work they do every day.

Mark understands how the world has changed, both generationally and in education and workforce development. His candid, positive take on where we’re at and where we need to go has inspired thousands of educators, employers, and economic developers across North America.

Now, you can bring that inspiration home.


Full Day, Full Impact

Mark’s full-day professional development experiences are:

  • Customized: Prior to your event, Mark will schedule a prep call with you so he can craft a powerful message that aligns with your goals. He will then arrive with a full understanding of where your organization currently sits on the path to change—and where you want to go.
  • Unifying: The power of experiencing and reflecting on this message together as an organization can’t be overstated. Unity, momentum, and excitement are just a few of the words that event organizers share with us after Mark has been there.
  • Cost effective: A full-day experience with Mark is like taking your entire staff to a conference—but at a fraction of the cost and with direct access, all day, to the keynote speaker. Plus, Mark offers several free resources to his full-day audiences, including the PowerPoint deck.
  • Actionable: In his presentation and in the unscripted, interactive Q&A times, Mark delivers real strategies and fresh insights your staff can implement immediately.

What People Are Saying

Leadership Track

In addition to full-staff presentations, Mark also offers a leadership track for those who set the tone for your organizational culture. Coached directly by Mark in the course of several days, your leadership team can absorb all the knowledge and tools usually gained over a year of strategic planning and meetings.

Your leaders will discover how to:

  • Build a dynamic narrative around the power of a competitive advantage
  • Craft a powerful Professional Skills Rubric strategy designed for Gen Z
  • Maximize Ambassador Programs for greatest impact
  • Instill a program and pathway completion mindset in all students
  • Use proven methods to build meaningful community partnerships and momentum
  • Draft initial timelines to keep the plan moving forward
  • Plan a strategic drip sequence for maximum engagement
  • Create compelling program and organizational copy points

And much more!

Bring It Home

If dynamic, game-changing professional development is what your organization needs, we invite you to find out more about the powerful perspective Mark brings. Contact us today and get energized for your mission of making a bigger difference for your students and community!

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