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Shift the paradigm in your community and make a bigger difference.
On site or virtual.

Today, the landscape of education and workforce development is shifting beneath our feet. To move confidently into the future, your organization needs to experience something unforgettable—something to inspire, empower, and ignite their passion for making a difference.

International speaker, bestselling author, and TFS Results CEO Mark C. Perna has been addressing large conferences and teams just like yours for more than 25 years. And now, your organization can start unleashing the incredible potential of the younger generations like never before. In person and virtual, Mark’s message is packed with fresh strategies and tools to focus, plan, and take action.

All across North America, audiences of all sizes—parents, educators, employers, workforce development professionals, and many others—are leveraging his insights with great results.

It’s time to shift the paradigm.


Answering Why In Education:

Unleashing Passion, Purpose, and Performance in Younger Generations

Multi-generational education expert Mark C. Perna will unveil the groundbreaking innovations and strategies that are shifting the education and workforce development paradigm nationwide. You’ll discover why the synergy of robust academic knowledge, technical competency, and professional skills is the single most important competitive advantage a young person can possess—and how to help them achieve it.

Today’s young people are often painted in a negative light, but they have incredible potential to change the world. Parents, educators, employers, and young people themselves will benefit from Mark’s perspective on the amazing promise of millennials and Generation Z. A father to two successful millennials, Mark delivers key insights on today’s younger generations, how to answer their all-important question why, and how to connect with them at a deeper level.

Mark’s Education with Purpose® philosophy will help you maximize your enrollment, retention, and performance results as students and parents experience the incredible value of purpose-driven learning. You’ll also find out how the proven Light at the End of the Tunnel strategy will help keep students from all backgrounds engaged in their chosen pathway. Finally, Mark’s powerful call to action will recharge your professional passion by showing the truly profound difference you can make every day.

With clear action steps you can implement immediately both in your home and professional life, Mark’s message will help you motivate young people, show them why education matters, and empower them to achieve at a higher level. Recharge your passion for making a difference and start motivating young people like never before!

Mark C Perna presenting to a group of teachers

Answering Why At Work:

Unleashing Passion, Purpose, and Performance in Younger Generations

Engage with Mark C. Perna as he unveils the secrets of motivating today’s younger employees to increase their performance on all levels in the workplace. Business and industry groups, company owners, executives, hiring managers, and many others are benefiting from these proven strategies to bridge the generational divide, recruit and retain skilled workers, and gain a competitive advantage.

As the older generations retire and younger workers take their place, it is becoming more and more critical to close the skills gap in America. And yet to date, the vast creativity, intelligence, and potential of our younger generations remain untapped, as many have never experienced the branch creak that motivates real action. As business groups nationwide struggle to connect with the increasingly complex millennial and Z Generations, we must adapt to their changing needs to create a future they are motivated to pursue.

Discover how your organization can experience the power of the branch creak and implement the Light at the End of the Tunnel strategy to attract, train, and keep the best young talent in the workforce today. With highly practical generational insights, innovative best practices, and vibrant inspiration, Mark’s nationally acclaimed methods will open your eyes to see the younger generations like never before.

All over the country, education and workforce leaders are implementing these powerful best practices with tremendous results. Don’t miss this chance to start your recruitment and retention success story—and get the edge in today’s highly competitive global marketplace!

Building Your Dream:

By Developing A Powerful Competitive Advantage

What does it take to live the dream? Inspire today’s younger generations to explore, discover, and build their dreams to the fullest potential. High schools, middle schools, career centers, community and technical colleges, unified school districts, and other educational organizations will ignite their students’ passion to succeed through this real-world presentation by Mark C. Perna.

Now more than ever, it’s critical to give our students a competitive advantage by expanding their options and opportunities. With so many amazing possibilities within their reach, our young people have every reason to dream big and achieve great things—we just have to show them how. Through Mark’s highly engaging talk, students will start thinking about what they are passionate about, develop decisive goal-setting skills, and see the relevance of achievement and a job well-done to the lifestyle they want to attain.

Mark’s pioneering Education with Purpose® philosophy will demonstrate the power of career exploration, showing our young people that the sooner they determine their direction, the faster they will arrive at their destination. Finally, the closing call to action will push students to be passionate about making a bigger difference in their sphere of influence. Mark will also explore the concept of “if the ‘want-to’ is strong enough, the ‘how-to’ will come.” Finally, a realistic evaluation of their strengths and weaknesses will help motivate young people to improve their performance both in school and the workforce.

In a charismatic and humorous way, Mark challenges each student to set a unique course for their future and experience their personal light at the end of the tunnel. They will be encouraged to carve out the crucial time to focus, plan, and take action building their own dream, whatever that dream is to them. Empower your students to maximize their potential, define their goals, and start moving toward their dream today!

Resources for Event Organizers

Once you’ve booked Mark, it’s time to get the word out. Below you’ll find everything you need to promote your upcoming event and the powerful message that Mark will deliver—including Mark’s biography, photography, videos, testimonials, virtual and in-person event best practices, promotional flyers and videos for customization, and more.

TFS Result - Event Resources PDF

Event Resources PDF

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TFS Result - Event Resources PDF

Event Resources PDF

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Mark C. Perna Bio

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Mark C. Perna Bio

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Mark C. Perna Headshot

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