Virtual Presentations by Mark C. Perna


Mark Perna delivered an incredibly dynamic and impactful presentation to my staff — virtually. It felt like he was actually here and speaking directly to each person. My staff are inspired and reinvigorated by what they learned. His powerful message kept us engaged for more than two hours. He made a significant, positive impact here!”

Amy Stafford
Principal, Kohala High School

With just a few dynamic virtual sessions, Mark has made a significant impact by inspiring my staff during a stressful time. My entire group was engaged, motivated, and excited to get back to their students and implement fresh strategies to help them build their competitive advantage…and it’s working!”

Will Sarett
Director, Career & College Readiness, Yakima School District

Thank you again! I was such a skeptic about online presentations initially and you were totally funny and engaging and I loved the content. I told my partner who was offscreen, this guy is funny. Aloha!”

Nadine Kulberg
Kohala High School


I like the perspective shift and language that I can use to articulate that shift. Very engaging speaker, with so many great stories to share! I love the way he presents virtually and that this message is spreading! This is what EVERYONE needs to hear!”

Shelby Greene
Math Educator and Department Chair


I now understand why kids ask why.”

Amber Corrales
Social Studies Teacher


Thank you so much, this was my second time seeing you. I saw you at the CTE conference where you were the keynote. I am so grateful to hear you speak again virtually, it was so inspiring. In your words, feel good about how you are changing the world, because you are just as much as us teachers are. Thank you so much!”

Jacqueline Meggs


Thank you for your time and energy!! Would have loved to see you in person but you made a virtual presentation very enjoyable!!”

Ross Pagat
Community School Manager


If the “Want To” is strong enough the “How To” will come! Mark was awesome! I’m part of Gen X, his virtual presentation was very engaging and helped me to understand how Gen Y and Gen Z think. I look forward to reading his entire book, “Answering Why.” It’ll make me a better mom and teacher.”

Florene Kaai
Secondary Teacher