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Enroll and retain more of the right students, in the right programs, for the right reasons—right now.

Enrollment & Retention Strategic Planning

Leaders in education and workforce development are facing new obstacles and old stigmas around enrollment, recruitment, and retention. The existing systems are in crisis—and there has never been a better moment to shift the paradigm.

Our acclaimed enrollment and retention strategic planning process will expand your vision for the future and empower you to implement effectively. With more than 25 years of experience working with teams across North America, TFS Results founder Mark C. Perna will coach your organization to become an enrollment- and retention-driven powerhouse.

Put our experience to work for you—and transform your organization from the inside out.

Delivering Results

Our enrollment and retention strategic planning process is a dynamic consulting service that will empower your organization to attract more of the right students, in the right programs, for the right reasons. Many of our clients partner with us because although they fill their programs to capacity, they then struggle to retain and complete students effectively. The TFS Results answer is simple: enroll more right students, who are motivated, dedicated, and see a light at the end of their educational tunnel that moves them forward to success.

Virtually or in person, Mark will facilitate your strategic planning sessions with an articulate vision for everything your organization can accomplish—and a clear plan to get there.

We deliver results in four ways:

  • Bring your team together: By pulling together a focused team of diverse individuals from all areas of the organization, our process elicits valuable contributions from every team member. Working together, the team begins to walk in lock step toward a powerful rally point.
  • Deploy Mark to win your audience: Empower your implementation with the full range of Mark’s game-changing services, including keynote speeches, professional development, parent webinars, teacher and stakeholder workshops, and more. Mark is not simply cheering you on from the sidelines. He’s in the game with you—to win.
  • Develop a dynamic narrative: Partnering closely with Mark and TFS Results, your team will develop a compelling narrative to reach your market with the remarkable value you deliver. By inspiring your entire staff to share this story, you can stop being the “best-kept secret in town.”
  • Jumpstart your vision: Our clients report that this robust process jumpstarts the vision, action, and results their organizations have been struggling to attain for years.

Significant increases in enrollment, retention, and performance go hand in hand with the fundamental paradigm shift, stakeholder buy-in, inspiration, morale, and community awareness you will create. Your focused strategic plan is the key to your organization’s successful future.

Building Your Enrollment Funnel

Imagine enrollment as a funnel where all your prospects are at the top—and at the bottom is where they take action to enroll with you. It’s your job to move them, step by step, down that funnel. And it’s our job to show you how.

But getting more of the right students, in the right programs and pathways, for the right reasons doesn’t stop with enrollment. You need to retain them, too.

That’s why the TFS Results funnel is both an enrollment- and retention-driven experience. We partner with you to create meaningful touch points along a strategic timeline, keeping students and parents engaged with your organization.

It’s time to:

  • Maximize performance with tactics that work, like our highly effective Light at the End of the Tunnel strategy.
  • Learn what makes the millennial and Z generations tick, why we call them the Why Generation, and how to connect, engage, and retain them through graduation.
  • Build a powerful, paradigm-shifting narrative for strategic recruitment and marketing messages.
  • Create a rally point to inspire and motivate everyone in your organization.
  • Innovate your program interactions and organizational engagement with the latest best practices that are changing the face of education nationwide.
  • Experience meaningful professional development virtually or in-person, with a dynamic message to empower your entire organization.
  • Enhance your reputation as an educational leader and overcome the most common objections and stigmas of career-focused education.
  • Deploy eye-catching program copy points, compelling collateral materials, and organizational copy points that get noticed.
  • Help students and trainees succeed by increasing engagement and performance for measurable results.
  • Maintain an ongoing and positive relationship with each prospective and current student and parent.

Taking Your Enrollment and Retention Journey Further

Complement your strategic planning process with these additional enrollment and retention solutions from TFS Results.

Enrollment & retention creative services element

Creative Services

Our professionally designed communication tools are customized to shift the enrollment and retention paradigm in your community. Find your voice and tell your story through our suite of creative services.

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The EnrollTrack® Online Enrollment System can transform not just your process, but your entire approach to student enrollment. Effective data management, simplified decision-making, and a home field advantage for your organization—EnrollTrack delivers it all.

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