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Online Enrollment System

The EnrollTrack® Online Enrollment System can transform not just your process, but your entire approach to student enrollment.

Enrolling students is just one piece of a larger strategy encompassing effective data management, simplified decision-making, and a home field advantage for your organization. EnrollTrack’s sophisticated, cloud-based solution was specifically designed to tackle the challenges of career and technical schools, career compacts, charter and private schools, and other educational organizations.



EnrollTrack does so much more than just collect applications. You need to build an effective funnel, run your game plan, track prospects, manage the entire enrollment process, evaluate outcomes, and maximize your enrollment and retention results. EnrollTrack empowers you with:


An Effective Data Management Strategy

  • Import student data with ease
  • Record event participation
  • Keep in touch with prospective students

EnrollTrack’s in-depth analytical tools break down student data by demographic, show application spikes along a timeline of marketing communications, measure program interest, create customized reports, and more.

Results: You’ll ultimately increase your conversion rates by building a deeper understanding of your community and students.


A Powerful Decision-Making Tool

  • Analyze your enrollment funnel
  • Gauge and maximize your events’ effectiveness
  • Make data-driven improvements

As a dynamic decision-making tool, EnrollTrack uses an advanced combination of interviews, rubric standards, and teacher/home school feedback to calculate rubric scores that automatically rank students.

Results: Your decision-making process has never been easier.


A Critical Home Field Advantage

  • Track interactions with students prior to applying
  • See when they create an account
  • Get direct access to student applications
  • View and manage feeder school users as they complete each application

Individual, login-based portals for your staff, students, and feeder schools seamlessly integrate all the information into one secure database that you manage—making it simple to collect transcripts and build rosters online.

Results: Bottom line: You’ll eliminate delays, lost paperwork, and other barriers to enrollment.


Custom Portals for Each Audience

With three secure portals for everyone involved in the enrollment process, EnrollTrack’s intuitive interface creates a single repository for all enrollment information. Custom branded with your logo and colors, EnrollTrack’s mobile-friendly, responsive design looks great at any size and can be accessed anywhere, any time, on any device with an Internet connection.

Here’s how it works:

Student Portal

The student portal allows every prospective student to create a personal account, complete the application at their own pace, and enjoy 24/7 access to their application. Then, they’ll receive automated email updates as their application moves forward.

Results: You’ll start building a connection with your prospects from day one, keeping them informed and engaged.

Feeder School Portal

Your sending/feeder school partners will use their portal to view and update student data. With just one click, they can transfer transcripts and other information directly to your organization.

Results: You’ll manage the transfer of information, simplifying the process for your sending/feeder schools—and your organization.

Your Portal:

Review, rank, and confirm program rosters online through your organization’s portal. You’ll easily manage student data, track prospective students, and maintain control by overseeing the entire application process.

Results: From the first point of contact to program placement, EnrollTrack puts you in the driver’s seat.

EnrollTrack is fully customizable around the unique needs of your organization. Request a demo about how EnrollTrack can best serve you.

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