If randomization is now required to play a role in your selection process, here’s some good news. We’ve recently rolled out a new random token enrollment feature for EnrollTrack, designed around the needs of Auburn Career Center in Concord, Ohio.

Auburn, a longtime EnrollTrack client, previously used a traditional rubric scoring system to place students. In recent years, the school has experienced an overabundance of program applicants. This, along with new direction from the state of Ohio, resulted in the need to randomize the selection process.

When Auburn approached our team about this compliance requirement, we sat down together to formulate a plan that would result in the best outcome for both the organization and students.

Based on Auburn’s randomization framework, the EnrollTrack team delivered a final custom design. Instead of a school-wide lottery, where any student can be randomly selected for any program, Auburn’s EnrollTrack randomizes selection within the pool of each program’s applicants. This feature is fully customizable based on each organization’s unique parameters and selection criteria.

The Auburn random token enrollment feature allows more students to get into their program of choice—resulting in more of the right students, in the right programs, for the right reasons—while still introducing randomization to the process.

Highly motivated students can still get an edge through the Application Priority Deadline feature. This allows Auburn to assign higher priority for applications received prior to the deadline they set. The selection process for the first ten seats is still randomized, but early applicants have a higher chance of being selected than those who apply after the deadline has passed.  

Adding randomization to your EnrollTrack

Adding randomization to a process that has been, in the past, anything but random may seem daunting, but EnrollTrack’s random token enrollment can make compliance a seamless experience.

If randomization is something your organization is exploring, we’d be happy to demo Auburn’s random token enrollment feature with you and determine the unique customization that will fit your needs. Please contact our team for more details.