The EnrollTrack Online Enrollment System has always been designed so that each stakeholder contributes to the end result. Our centralized database allows each user population to interact directly with the data, while keeping the career tech organization in the driver’s seat. This collaborative process aligns everyone with the shared goal of getting the right student, in the right program, for the right reasons.

In service of this goal, we have constantly worked to improve our processes. Through multiple interactions with organizations and iterating on our evaluation process, we have seen a new best practice arise: the evaluation-based workflow.

How it started

Historically, the process of completing student evaluation within EnrollTrack involved data collection from multiple sources, then referencing data entry or collected forms to translate into some type of value before being combined into a final rubric score. This rubric score is often what EnrollTrack uses to build a ranked list of students for each program.

Over time, we have found this process of data entry, then interpretation of data into rubric value to be time consuming and unnecessary. Or worse, at times the evaluation process is dropped entirely for some students on a quick timeline.

The new evaluation-based workflow best practice eliminates these challenges by building the rubric directly into EnrollTrack. Instead of collecting raw values like GPA or Absences that need to be entered manually, we break down the values into ranges (3.5–4.0, 3.0–3.49, etc.) in a simple and quick-to-select dropdown. This cuts out the step of referencing the raw value against a rubric table and allows the system to know and sum the value of each range selection.

Further, we can push each of the pieces of the rubric out to the homeschool user or the teacher user directly so they can provide the final range values instead of just the raw values. This means that the work of filling in the rubric values can be spread across multiple stakeholders while reducing everyone’s workload.  As always, your evaluation tool will be viewable all in one place in the career center portal with the final value only seen by you.

We’ve also taken steps to improve our ranking metrics so that custom information can be considered. Traditionally the rank order would be determined by rubric value alone, but we’ve found that several other factors may also come into consideration. For example, we have often found that certain grade levels may be considered before another. We can now build the rank order to consider a specific hierarchy (grade level-> rubric score-> application date). This dynamic rank order allows the rank values to be more accurate to how you consider your students.

How it helps

Let’s recap exactly what an evaluation-based workflow does for you.

  • Automatic calculation: If you don’t think in numbers, this is great news for you. With the evaluation-based workflow, there’s no more math on your end. Using ranges instead of number values offers a more intuitive process, while the system does all the calculations.
  • Automatic ranking: Based on the ranges you enter, EnrollTrack’s algorithms output a final rubric score that ranks students—with no further effort on your part.
  • Single source of information: EnrollTrack has always provided a single-source location for all the information needed to make final decisions, but the evaluation-based workflow makes this even easier.
  • Dispersion of work: Allowing home school counselors to directly enter the ranges into the ranking fields is a significant timesaver that will simplify the process for everyone. 
  • Safeguards: Other stakeholders (such as home school counselors) do not see the outcome of the rubric score. As always, you control the flow of information. Outside stakeholders contribute their data, but cannot access the results.
  • A fairer process: EnrollTrack’s evaluation-based workflow may also help make the ranking process fairer for everyone because it allows multiple sources of ranking information. Decisions are no longer based on one piece of data, such as a student’s GPA. You’ll get more of the right students, in the right programs, for the right reasons—and that’s what it’s all about.

How to start using the evaluation-based workflow

The evaluation-based workflow is a custom feature that our team can implement in your organization’s EnrollTrack system. Please contact our team for more details and pricing.