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Career Tree Resources

To help you share the message.

The Career Tree is a game-changing narrative to reach students, parents, employers, and community leaders with the power of purpose-driven education. To deepen understanding of how this multi-faceted tool drives relevance, motivation, and completion, we’ve put together the following resources to share with your team.

The Career Tree Brochure

The challenges of our changing world have made earlier career exploration a must. That’s why high schools, middle schools, K–12 districts, career centers, CTE organizations, career compacts, charter and private schools, and community and technical colleges are using the Career Tree to change the narrative—both locally and nationwide.

In this brochure, discover why the Career Tree works as well as how. See what Career Tree clients have to say, and consider the positive impact this tool can make for your students and community.


Overview Videos

Tune in as Career Tree creator Mark C. Perna speaks candidly about how this strategy can transform the way young people—and the community—think about education and careers. No matter where your students want to go, the Career Tree can help equip them to get there with a powerful competitive advantage!

Training Videos

The following two videos are the first in a robust training series delivered by Career Tree creator Mark C. Perna. We’ve made these training sessions publicly available in order to showcase the tremendous competitive advantage the Career Tree can deliver for every student and teacher.

Career Tree Articles

Here, you’ll find case studies, best practices, and success stories featuring the Career Tree.

A Parent Speaks Out on the Career Tree

“The Career Tree is an enormous symbol of hope, thoughtful ideas and the love of children in your care.”

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Career Tree Best Practice: Professional Skills Score

The Career Tree Professional Skills Score creates value not just for the students’ educational experience, but also for their future employability.

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York Tech College & Career Ready Case Study

Creating Future Ready Students with the Career Tree at York Tech

At York Tech, the Career Tree has transformed the narrative around career-focused education in the community.

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OSTC Oakland Schools Technical Campuses Career Tree Case Study

Next-Gen Career Exploration at Oakland Schools Technical Campuses

The Career Tree has broadened student horizons while helping OSTC comply seamlessly with new state legislation.

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Recruiting More Right Students with the Career Tree

Recruiting More Right Students with the Career Tree

The Career Tree shows prospective students and parents the real-life, real-time aspirations of your current students. And that’s compelling.

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The Career Trees in every classroom, as well as our hallways, have created tremendous opportunities to share the value of our programs with parents, legislators, and community leaders.

Debra S. Heban, Former Director, Career & Technical Education at Whitmer Career & Technology Center

We have found that the Career Tree integrates smoothly with our existing curriculum. It’s not something we have to add to already-packed lesson plans; it works within those lessons to bring relevance to the learning experience.

Jeremy Beardmore, Assistant Superintendent at Mid-East Career & Technology Centers

The Career Tree is a fantastic way for students to see career paths and how to get there.

Jacqueline Giacalone, Business Teacher at William Floyd High School

Thanks to the Career Tree, we were already in compliance with our state’s new career readiness legislation on the day it became law.

Paul Galbenski, 2012 Michigan Teacher of the Year, Dean at Oakland Schools

The Career Tree has inspired the creation of a planning culture that starts in 6th grade and extends through post-secondary education. We’re shifting the paradigm to understand that CTE programs lead to thousands of viable career opportunities for all students.

Nichole Spearman-Eskelsen, CTE Director at Salem-Keizer Public Schools, Oregon

The Career Tree was inspirational and an important visual that my students need to actualize their goal.

April Bramble, ECE Instructor at Perry Career Academy

The Career Tree has absolutely transformed our narrative in the community. Students, parents, and stakeholders now see how our programs are the on-ramp to opportunity. For us, everything starts with the Career Tree.

CyLynn Braswell, Former Executive Director for College & Career Readiness and Innovation at Northwest ISD

The Career Tree has been an amazing tool that makes instruction easier and more relevant to students today. I’ve never before seen such great dialogue in the classroom.

Melissa Conner, Director at Stafford Technical Center

Here to Help

As you navigate your Career Tree journey, we’re here to help. Contact our team any time for additional information and support. We share and support your passion for making a difference!

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