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Think bigger. Go further.
In person or virtual.

In our fast-paced virtual and on-site workshops, dynamic education expert Mark C. Perna reveals how your organization can connect, engage, and answer why at a whole new level in today’s competitive educational and training landscape.

These full- or multi-day events are customized around your needs and delivered with a full understanding of where your organization currently sits on the path to change. Virtually or in-person, Mark will craft your workshop to address what you want to achieve and inspire action.

Join the thousands of career center, K–12 and college administrators, teachers, and critical support staff members who have used Mark’s nationally acclaimed best practices and strategies to revolutionize enrollment, engagement, retention, and performance rates.


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The Workshop Experience

Virtually or in-person, Mark delivers an unforgettable event that can transform your organization. Working closely with you to uncover where your organization both shines and struggles, Mark will craft a dynamic, actionable message to inspire your staff. They will walk away empowered with the tools to connect more effectively with students—and the inspiration to make a bigger difference.

Mark C Perna presenting to a group of teachers

Multi-day Experience

In a virtual or in-person format, Mark will cover all the knowledge and tools usually gained over a year of strategic planning and meetings, including initial timelines, drip sequence, program and organizational copy points, and much more. Mark will personally coach your leadership team at your location or virtually to ignite and accelerate your transformation process for lasting results.

Mark presenting virtually

Single-day Experience

You will work directly with Mark to identify what your organization needs most so that he can craft an experience entirely unique to your team. Whether virtual or on site, Mark will ensure that your audience is engaged, learning, and inspired to put their knowledge into action immediately.

In every workshop, Mark will recharge your professional passion by showing the truly profound difference you can make every day.


In a typical multi-day workshop, your team will gain incredible insight on the following:

group of college students

Getting to Know the Why Generation

  • The Millennials and Generation Z: what they think, why they think that way, and how we connect, engage, and motivate them
  • The Why Generation: the reason that knowing why can positively impact their performance
  • The Right Students: getting more of right students, in the right programs and pathways, for the right reasons
Light at the end of the tunnel

Finding the Light at the End of the Tunnel

  • Retention & Engagement Strategies: blazing the Light at the End of the Tunnel for every student
  • The Three Pillars of the Career-Focused Narrative: it matters how you tell the story
  • Hearing the Branch Creak: learning to focus, plan, and take action
  • The “For Now” Decision: helping students move forward even if they’re not sure of their direction
Teacher with beard instructs group of high school students

Shifting the Education Paradigm

  • The Changing Landscape of Education: the world has changed and this has enormous ramifications for career-focused education, students, and communities
  • Program Copy Points: making your message effective and engaging to attract more of the right students into your programs and pathways
  • The Enrollment Funnel: how we strategically funnel more right students into right programs
  • Dynamic Events: how to create unforgettable experiences for students, parents, and community
  • Organization and Program Branding: image and narrative working together
  • Counterintuitive Strategies: how being counterintuitive is a game-changer
woman holding ipad and running machinery

Inspiring Action

  • The Wade Factor: connecting, engaging, and answering why
  • Staying Focused: how seeing the purpose changes everything for your staff and students
  • Inspiration from Apollo 13: why a single line from this film can transform your perspective
  • Pride in our Profession: why we do what we do

Educators everywhere are using these cutting-edge best practices to improve the outcome for their students, organization, and community—and your organization can be next. Contact us today and get energized for your mission of making a bigger difference for your students and community!

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